Naturally, I’ve always been an adventurous cook - by the time I was 13, I was churning out delicious meals for my family. Especially on Sundays, where my entire family would gather together for the most important meal of the week. A time to have fun catching up, trading stories of our lineage and envision what the future would look like over a packed dinner table.

My passion for cooking was further inspired by my heritage. I’ve spent a lot of time discovering my past and who I am, often through cooking with my grandparents on visits back home. And somehow I’d always find myself along the markets and beaches in both Jamaica and Cyprus eating delicious street food.

There are a lot of similarities in both cultures, with family and food at the heart of it. This is what I want to share with you with my venture - twerk’N’jerk.

Sharing love through delicious food!

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