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Jamaican jerk burger and pineapple

Jamaican inspired originals that will get you twerkin!!!

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Our Food

Here at Twerk'n'Jerk, we don’t shy away from big flavour. Bringing the best blends from Jamaica to Cyprus, this is soul food that stands out from the crowd. There’s a lot of places doing 'authentic' Jamaican cuisine out there, but not only is our jerk the real deal, we’ve taken it to the next level adding textures and flavours from across the globe. You’ve not tried chicken like this - trust.

What We're About

Twerk 'n' Jerk begins with our founder Tyron and goes all the way back to his grandmothers' kitchens back in Jamaica and Cyprus, where food is as much about family and connection as what's on the table. Community is at the heart of what we do - we create an inclusive space where we can all get together and bond over some bangin’ jerk.

But don’t take our word for it, come by our home in Catford Mews - there’s always room at our table!

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Did you think we’d leave you out of the party? Our cauliflower wings are packed full with the same zing you can expect from all our fare. ‘Something Fishy’ loaded fries will keep your taste buds guessing and pairs perfectly with our signature Mrs Pepper sauce. We try and use local suppliers wherever we can, so you can relax knowing your food is strong on flavour and easy on the planet.

Wanna Twerk with Us?

Twerk 'n' Jerk is hitting the road, so look out for us at your favorite festivals! Our food’s hitting that spicy-sweet and guaranteed to get you off your feet. Get in touch for any enquiries - festivals, events and private hires, we’ll add that special something to blow the roof off your joint!!!

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